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Our Manaus Attorneys concerned with providing quality services at the level of excellence.

In principle, our Attorneys in Manaus worked almost exclusively in specialized services in the all-legal areas and the practice areas have expanded considerably and currently our Manaus Lawyers are present in most branches of law.

Our Manaus Lawyer worked in large law firms and also in the legal departments of important national and multinational companies, thus bringing experience and aptitude to combine the know-how of large law firms with the sensitivity to understand the real ones. your customers' needs.

With the knowledge and willingness of its professionals to present real solutions and represent its clients, ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM offers consultative and contentious legal advice in different areas of law, both for individuals and legal entities, aiming to provide a personalized service for each client.

Our Manaus Lawyers Mission

To be the partner responsible for solving the legal needs of our clients, always acting with the highest degree of professional ethics and zeal. Gather professionals from different areas of law and act in the professional improvement of its employees.

Our Lawyers in Manaus Eyesight

Our Attorneys in Manaus, Amazonas believe in justice and that the practice of law is the best way to achieve it, mainly through negotiation and prevention of disputes, developing scenarios in which all involved are satisfied with the conclusion of the deal / litigation.

Our Manaus Legal advisors Values

Provide specific and qualified service to the needs of each client. Satisfy, within the limits imposed by the Law and professional ethics, all the expectations of our customers. Valuing professionals who work directly or indirectly in concluding negotiations or resolving conflicts.


Our Family Attorneys in Manaus specialize in Family and Succession Law cases. Due to its specialization, the firm has had great success in the cases in which it operates in the 1st instance, 2nd instance of the States and Superior Courts.

Our Manaus Family Attorneys work within the concept of boutique law, having a lean structure and with highly qualified and specialized lawyers in Family Law.

Our Family Lawyers in Manaus offer its customers differentiated, personalized treatment, with service rooms specially designed for this purpose, guaranteeing total comfort, privacy, discretion to the customer, that is, tailored service, unlike other offices that offer mass service.

Our Manaus Family Lawyers assist with:
Adoption and Unilateral Adoption
Parental Alienation
Food (Alimony)
Alimony (Alimony) Review and Exoneration
Alimony (Alimony) Execution / Collection of Amounts Due
Pregnant Foods (Alimony Paid During Pregnancy)
Marriage Annulment
Stable Union, Homo-Affective and Dating Contracts
Extrajudicial Divorce (Done at Notary's Office)
Judicial Divorce
Antenuptial Pact
Recognition and Dissolution of Stable Union and all-legal Union
Property Regime
Separation of Bodies
Family Usucapion
Annulment of Birth Registration
Minor Travel Authorization (Consent Supply)
Permits in general
Ideologization of Paternity
Child custody - fixation or alteration to shared or unilateral
Paternity Investigation
Denial of Paternity
Regulation or Alteration of Visits
List of Goods
Composition among Heirs


Our Manaus Business Attorneys concentrate an excellent synergy when we talk about corporate business, we are profuse in contacts and ventures which, with great probability, converge to formidable closings of businesses, of all kind and type.

With solid and decisive bases, our Business Attorneys in Manaus foster rapprochements and contracting between our current and future clients. In this context, we act as mediators and borrowers for potential investors, entrepreneurs and interested parties in general who need our legal services and knowledge in the various sectors of the national and international market.

With such work, our Manaus Business Advisors take into account risks and their mitigations, we guide constitutions with regard to incorporations, mergers, divisions and transformations. Finally, in addition to mediating and presenting new business, Our Manaus Business Lawyers are obviously also prepared to act in audits and due diligence with the aim of establishing a positive common purpose, which generates profits for all our clients and contractors in general.

Years of experience in Business Management enable our team to Advise the Entrepreneur in all their demands and needs. Only those who know the whole can give a good diagnosis and solutions to the various business issues.

Not only good contracts, but well-structured businesses can ensure the good health of the enterprise.

For good business it is necessary to have good contracts. Our Manaus Business Advisory works to reestablish the contractual balance, bringing legal certainty to the client's business.

Digital Law and Startups

Opening of companies

Analysis of the feasibility of new business models according to Brazilian laws

Intellectual Property (Protection of Trademarks, Software and Patents)

Investment operations in companies and startups

Combating Fraud and Digital Crimes

Privacy and Data Protection (General Data Protection Law and Civil Framework of the Internet)

Digital Business (Ecommerce, fintech’s, social media, technology contracts)

Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

Implementation of good practices in the digital environment

Analysis of the regulatory impacts of new digital businesses

Removing illegal content from the internet

Online Consumer (internet liability). If you are looking for high skills Lawyers in Manaus, please contact us.




Our Real Estate Lawyers have dedicated to Real Estate Law since 2003, a period that regularized countless properties, prevented losses and recovered damages, specifically in the following matters:

- Analysis of purchase and sale risks

- Contracts

- Asset shielding

- Usucapion

- Expropriation

The methods employed by our Manaus Real Estate lawyers have led to successful results, avoiding or recovering significant amounts, involving Real Estate Law.

Manaus Real Estate Attorney - Preventive

The vast majority of losses, involving Real Estate Law, could be avoided by simply consulting a Manaus Real Estate Lawyer, which is not usually the case.

The Manaus Real Estate Attorney can assist you in the following matters:

- analysis of purchase and sale risks;

- risk analysis of real estate contracts;

- risk analysis of real estate developments;

- risk analysis of real estate investments;

- risk analysis of investments in Real Estate Funds;

- patrimonial shielding.

Before concluding your business, consult our Real Estate Lawyers in Manaus.

works in legal proceedings, with a Manaus lawyer in Real Estate Law who acted in hundreds of demands, involving the following matters:

- adverse possession actions

- expropriation actions

- actions involving contracts

- civil reparation actions

If you are looking for high skills Real Estate Lawyers in Manaus, please contact us.



Thinking of emigrating to Brazil looking for a true quality of life?
Brazil has what it takes so that you can have that quality of life that you dream of, emigrate without having to invest large amounts of money. You no longer have to ask yourself; how can I emigrate to Brazil? You can consult our Manaus Immigration Attorneys and we will gladly assist you.

Our Immigration Attorneys in Manaus can carry out the management so that you emigrate with your family with visa, so that in this period you analyze the Brazilian market and with this knowledge and our advice you can make the best decision to invest in the most profitable business, all this while your immigration process is being managed.

Our Manaus Immigration Attorneys offer you qualified professional advice, we are practicing lawyers in Brazil, with experience in immigration, corporate, tax and international Business Law, which will provide you with security throughout the immigration process.

Our Manaus Citizenship Attorneys can create a safe plan that meets each of the requirements so that you can live in Manaus or everywhere in Brazil and fulfill your dream of living with quality of life for you and your family.

In our office we can help you not only with investing or undertaking in Brazil, our team of lawyers specialized in immigration law, can provide the best legal advice service and find the most effective solution to help you, in everything related in matters of foreigners, such as work permits, visas, residence permits, study stays, regularization, social roots and family and work roots, family reunification, marriages, residence by family member of a citizen of Brazilian citizen and others.

Looking for a Manaus Lawyer specialized in Immigration procedures for Brazilian citizenship, do you want to apply for your Brazilian nationality quickly and easily? Do you want to know how to obtain Brazilian nationality by residence, by option or by filiation? Nationality by residence or by marriage? Does your nationality file have a long time waiting for resolution? Do you know how mine is going? Do you need to file a Nationality Contentious Appeal? Delay in your application submitted in 2015, 2016, 2017. 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021? Do you need to know how long a procedure takes? Requirements for Brazilian nationality? How is mine going? We can advise you.

Do you have a refusal resolution? Did you not manage to obtain your residence or nationality? We advise you with the resources of replacement or appeal, so that you can solve the problems with your procedure and you can obtain it quickly and safely.

Living, working, studying or investing in Brazil is possible. If you are looking for high skills Immigration Lawyers in Manaus, please contact us.


Our Manaus Estate Attorneys are specialists in succession Law.
It is definitely not comfortable to talk about the death of a loved one. It is certainly one of the worst moments and the worst experiences. However, regardless of the pain, the reality is that the entire patrimonial situation of the deceased must be regularized and there is no way to ignore this fact.
Its specialized performance goes far beyond the correct application of legal and procedural techniques to the case, it is linked to legal expertise and also to the sensitivity to deal with these extreme situations experienced by the client.
It is through the procedure (means determined by law) of the inventory and sharing, foreseen in the Law of the Special Procedures, of the Civil Procedure Code, that the division and transfer is formalized of the property of the deceased.
The inventory is the procedural activity that describes all the inheritance left, individualizing the movable and immovable property, including the active, passive debts and other rights of patrimonial nature, so that these can be transferred between the different successors, obeying the part that, by legal provision, it belongs to each one.
There are many doubts about the heirs, their rights, etc.… and Manaus Inheritance Attorneys are here to answer them.   If you are looking for high skills Estate Lawyers in Manaus, please contact us.


The review of the tax debt is a legal right of the taxpayer guaranteed by the Legislation. The Tax Burden cannot be allowed to make business activity unfeasible, as this makes employment and the economy unfeasible.

Considered as one of the most dynamic fields due to constant legislative changes, it is nothing more than the area of ​​law specialized in dealing with the relationship between the tax authorities and taxpayers, aiming, in our case, to defend them and adapt their conduct to the standards, seeking the lowest possible cost. The professional who chooses to work in this area has a range of options to specialize.

As Brazilian tax legislation changes frequently, it is essential to constantly update this professional so that he can help contracting companies to legally reduce taxes paid to the government. This knowledge mainly covers the types of taxes that the government collects, since this varies according to the segment and the size of the company.

In addition, it is essential that the Manaus Tax Attorney understands business management and his client's line of business so that he knows how to create and develop the best strategy for each company.

What does the Manaus tax attorney do in practice?

Well, as we said before, the main objective of the tax attorney is to develop and find ways to reduce the taxes levied on the company in a 100% legal and ethical manner. In addition, it ensures that all collection laws and regulations are complied with correctly and up-to-date.

To develop this work and achieve the objective, there are services within the tax law that are extremely necessary, and only the specialist Manaus lawyer can develop them in a really effective way. Check out the main ones:

Tax planning

Our Manaus Tax Attorneys advises that good tax planning is essential for every company, regardless of size. It is he who performs the great role of avoiding future fiscal problems, of projecting the future earnings of the company, of forecasting the profit margin and of assisting in the calculation of product pricing.

For all of this to be done and have great results, the Manaus tax Attorney needs to be knowledgeable of all taxes and specialized in those that affect the company's segment. For example, if your business is agribusiness, wholesale or retail, look for a lawyer who specializes in taxes such as ICMS, IRPJ, PIS / Coffins and others, as each business model has specific taxes. This ensures that your company is not only in compliance with the law, but will also not pay taxes that do not fall on it, so that the percentage spent on these taxes is getting smaller and smaller.

Defense in tax crimes

Defense in tax crimes occurs most commonly in two situations:

With the rapid and constant change in tax legislation, many companies that do not have tax planning and Manaus legal Tax advice end up not being aware of these changes, and some taxes that should be paid go unnoticed, accumulating the debt.

In order to recover in times of crisis, some companies choose to evade taxes in the belief that they will reduce costs and that this will go unnoticed.
In the two situations, there are different ways to treat them and set up the respective defenses, which should be considered not only with a criminal focus, but mainly in the tax analysis of the case.

Our Tax Attorneys in Manaus therefore performs the job of preparing the defense of the company in order to minimize the damage and have the best possible result in a legal and strategic way.

Administrative and judicial defenses

The role of the lawyer can take place in the so-called administrative courts or in the judicial sphere. It is very important to value performance in the administrative sphere, as these bodies are made up of judges specialized in tax matters and, often, the debate in this environment is more advantageous for the company than acting directly in the courts. Therefore, it is relevant for the tax attorneys in Manaus know the tax administrative process, as well as the judicial process.

In the administrative sphere, the defense of a tax lawyer in Manaus is extremely necessary, since disagreements with government agencies, such as the Federal Revenue Service, can take a long time, gather information and, therefore, consume a lot of the company's unique work. Moving this service to a specialized lawyer makes the steps better conducted and have better results.

The Tax Attorney in Manaus is also fundamental so that the company's image is not compromised publicly or with the inspection entities themselves.

Prevention of hidden liabilities

As the saying goes, "prevention is better than cure". In this area of ​​law, the Manaus tax attorney ensures that the company's wrong practices do not turn into gigantic debt accumulation.

This service is extremely necessary when buying or acquiring a company. Imagine that you buy a company and find out afterwards that it did not pay social security contributions. If you are looking for high skills Tax Lawyers in Manaus, please contact us.



Our Manaus Criminal Lawyer defends the rights provided for in article 5 of the Federal Constitution, watching over legal procedures and the laws in force, preventing his clients from being victims of the compulsive accuser, who most of the time wants to jail without due legal process.

The frivolous, conscious or unconscious, are not bothered, that many innocent people are prosecuted and imprisoned in disagreement with legal precepts, no matter. It is important that all the accused have the Criminalist as the operator of the Law, who fights for the dignity of the client, of the human person. All accusers without a doubt, if it is the other way around, would like to do so with themselves, should “injustice knock on their doors”.

Our Manaus Criminalists are combative, warrior and courageous, have a fighting spirit, within the hardships of the criminal procedure for the benefit of our clients, reviewing the accusations or eventual injustices of the sentences and courageous.

From another point of view, our Criminal Attorneys in Manaus develops the full defense of his constituents, without allowing public opinion, the press and popular demonstrations to intimidate the constitutionally guaranteed professional practice “the lawyer is essential to the administration of justice”. On the other hand, it is necessary that the performance of the criminal professional is always side by side with the State.

The law has to be respected regardless of the decision of a trial, whether innocent or guilty. Everyone has the right to judgment according to constitutional rules, men or women, white or black, rich or poor, the law applies to everyone. The more serious the criminal imputation, the greater the clamor of the unsuspecting for the quicker and more stringent conviction. The greater the hurry to judge yourself, the greater the need to regularly comply with the law so that wrong judgments and unfair convictions do not occur.

The spiritual reward of the Criminal Lawyer is when society is victorious, the social order is revealed through its ideas, efforts and technical actions, managing to avoid injustice, saving an innocent from prison. Priding itself on its mission, assisting in the maintenance of order and peace.

"In the case of an accused in criminal matters, there is no cause in absolute and unworthy of defense. Even when the crime is of all the most nefarious, it remains to verify the evidence: and even when the initial evidence is decisive, not only remains to be determined. it in the crucible of judicial debates, if not also to watch for the strict regularity of the process in its minimum forms. Each of them constitutes a guarantee, greater or lesser, of the liquidation of the truth, whose interest in all must be strictly respected. " Ruy Barbosa - Patron. off Brazilian Players. If you are looking for high skills Criminal Lawyers in Manaus, please contact us.



Mr. Alessandro Jacob speaking about Brazilian Law on "International Bar Association" conference

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