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Our Porto Alegre Attorneys assist since 2003, offering all the necessary structure to offer a personalized service to its clients. The office has lawyers with experience in all areas and able to provide preventive consultancy and / or act in administrative and judicial litigation.

Our Lawyers in Porto Alegre, develops numerous legal and consultative measures to guarantee the right of its clients, favoring the approximation with the lawyer, to provide reliable and safe solutions in legal assistance. Thus, the services that are offered by our Attorneys in Porto Alegre. If you need high skills lawyers in Porto Alegre, please contact us.


Our Porto Alegre Family Lawyers listen and understand you and find the best legal solutions.
Our Family Attorney Law Firm is an office dedicated to providing legal services of excellence, in an agile, innovative, efficient and personalized way.

In this regard, our Porto Alegre Family Attorneys listen and understand in depth the problem of each of our clients, respecting each situation in an individual, confidential and secure way.

Family Attorneys in Porto Alegre mediate and resolve conflicts, and this goes far beyond the knowledge of the laws, as it is necessary to have sensitivity to stimulate reflection and expand the alternatives.

Our Porto Alegre Family Legal Advisors have a highly specialized and qualified technical team so that people can restructure their paths, achieve goals and live a life of peace. If you need high skills Family lawyers in Porto Alegre, please contact us.


Our Porto Alegre Business Lawyers develop specialized activities in all areas related to the Law. The firm also explores bold agreements and contracts involving corporate relations, such as corporate governance agreements, as well as works related to the most current themes of corporate law, such as the application of the recent General Data Protection Law - LGPD.

Our Porto Alegre Business Attorneys assist with Constitution and structuring of legal entities (companies, associations and others), consortia and strategic alliances;
Our Business Attorneys in Porto Alegre Assist with the elaboration of amendments to social or statutory contracts, minutes, agreements between partners, bylaws, as well as monitoring of general meetings or meetings of partners, councils and other corporate bodies;
Our Porto Alegre Business Lawyers provide Advisory and litigation advice in corporate conflicts (judicial and arbitration);
Structured operations, through the analysis and development of the entire legal structure of the operation, with the participation of professionals from different branches of law;
Our Business Law Firm Assist in various corporate reorganizations. If you need high skills Business lawyers in Porto Alegre, please contact us.


Our Real Estate attorney in Porto Alegre advises that the purchase and sale of real estate has generated many questions to the parties involved (seller and buyer). Doubts about the financing, brokerage commission, delays in the delivery of the work, contract termination, etc., generating the filing of thousands of cases in the instances of the judiciary throughout the national territory.

It is important to note that the Consumer Protection Code (CDC) is applicable to property purchase and sale contracts, provided that the buyer is the final recipient of the property. It is possible to apply the CDC, even in relation to the real estate broker responsible for carrying out the transaction.

The Consumer Protection Code also applies to contracts in which the developer undertakes to build real estate units through financing.

Our Real Estate Attorneys in Porto Alegre advises that the incorporation contract, in what is specific, is governed by Law 4.561 / 64, which provides for the condominium in buildings and real estate incorporations, but also the Consumer Protection Code that introduced general principles into the civil system. they emphasize contractual justice, the equivalence of benefits and the principle of objective good faith.

The buyer should, in the case of a property under construction, demand that the seller provide the descriptive memorial of the work, thus making it possible to check the characteristics on the property on the date of its delivery. Our Porto Alegre Real Estate Attorneys can provide legal assistance for Real Estate transactions.

The delay in the work generates the right to compensation. The construction company must pay it in accordance with the contract signed between the parties, as well as bear the resulting material damages, such as the payment of the consumer's housing costs in another location during the period, or the amount corresponding to the rent of the property. immobile.

Depending on the situation, the buyer may plead in court the resulting moral damages, as well as the possibility of cumulating the fine provided for in the contract with indemnity for losses and damages, including loss of profits.

It is not illegal or abusive the clause in the purchase and sale contract for property under construction that provides for the incidence of compensatory interest on the installments prior to handing over the keys. The compensatory interest charged before the delivery of the property is what is called “interest on the foot”.

Currently, it is very common for construction companies to charge the brokerage commission on purchase and sale contracts, however, the onus of the brokerage lies with the seller, except in the event that the consumer hires the broker to research and mediate the negotiation. Thus, the solidarity division of the commission between seller and buyer does not fit.

It is of utmost importance that the Our Real Estate Attorneys in Porto Alegre can make agreements between buyer and seller, to guarantee a safe transaction.

Having the assistance of our Porto Alegre Property lawyers is always advisable, thus avoiding possible hassles and losses arising from the commercial transaction. If you need high skills Real Estate lawyers in Porto Alegre, please contact us.


Our Immigration Attorneys in Porto Alegre are specialized in legal immigration consultancy related to the legalization and obtaining of work and business authorizations for Foreigners in Brazil.
We are a family owned and operated business. Our Porto Alegre Visa Lawyers also support the issuance of personal documentation as CPF and Brazilian Identification for Foreigners in Brazil. Our Porto Alegre Citizenship Attorneys also assist non-Brazilians with their application to become Brazilians thru Naturalization. Our Immigration Law Firm in Porto Alegre have Lawyers with high skill full capable to advise with family visas, Investor Visas, Real Estate Investor visas, work visas and others.

Our Porto Alegre Immigration Attorneys differential is in aligning professional experience with dedication in welcoming, seeking the well-being of the people we serve.

Our Immigration Lawyers in Porto Alegre believe that human capital is the greatest asset of any company or society and that with our work we are contributing to the construction of a better world.

Our Porto Alegre Immigration Law Firm operate strategy based on the Quality Boutique concept, ensuring personalized service with more proximity and availability with the customer.

Our Porto Alegre Immigration Attorneys works with Efficiency + Transparency + Expertise + Quality + Compliance. If you need high skills Immigration lawyers in Porto Alegre, please contact us.

ESTATE LAWYERS IN PORTO ALEGRE                                                         
Our Porto Alegre Estate Law firm is specialized in Extrajudicial Inventories in Notary (Administrative), Consensual, Friendly, Judicial and Litigious.

Our Porto Alegre Probate Lawyers are Specialists in Succession Law (lawyer for inventories, inheritances, wills) Our Estate Attorneys in Porto Alegre works in the State of Rio Grande do Sul with experience and knowledge for all types of Inventory and Property Sharing and inheritance for heirs.

Our Porto Alegre Legal Advisors have knowledge and experience in inventories, from the inside out, we know the challenges that the inventory attorney will focus on, whether in the judicial or extrajudicial inventory aiming to offer the best experience in legal services.

In addition to technical experience, in particular, knowledge of family courts, title deeds or property registrations, property regularization, reduction of expenses and more speed, Our Porto Alegre Wills Attorneys operate in the most complex intermediation between heirs aiming at the best and quickest solution.

Our Office has a Porto Alegre Probate Lawyers for Inventory with 24-hour Online Scheduling via Chat WhatsApp. If you need high skills Probate lawyers in Porto Alegre, please contact us.


Our Porto Alegre Tax Law Firm has several solutions in the Tax area, working both in the defense of infraction records and lawsuits, as well as in the areas of Tax planning and Tax Audit, aiming at the recovery of taxes or the reduction of the tax burden. Our Tax Lawyers in Porto Alegre operates in the Municipal, State and Federal tax spheres, both in litigation (administrative and judicial proceedings) as well as in consultative and preventive measures, aimed at individuals and legal entities, especially with regard to:
- Defense in Tax Foreclosures
- Defenses in infraction notices;
- Active Debt of the Union, States and Municipalities;
- Debt Annulment Lawsuits, Writ of Mandamus and other types of lawsuits;
- Obtaining installments;
- Acting before the councils of Municipal, State and Federal taxpayers.

Our Tax Lawyers in Porto Alegre works involves the most diverse Tax species, such as:

- Income Tax - IR.
- Social Contribution on Net Income - CSLL
- Contribution to PIS / PASEP and COFINS, both for internal operations and for incidents on imports
- Import Tax - II
- Tax on Industrialized Products - IPI
- Tax on Circulation of Goods - ICMS
- Service Tax – ISS
If you need high skills Tax lawyerS in Porto Alegre, please contact us.


Our Porto Alegre Criminal Lawyers assist in estate of Rio Grande do Sul since 2003 with a lot of experience, specializes in Corporate Criminal and Criminal Law, Our Criminal Attorneys in Porto Alegre also sponsors cases in other cities, states and the Federal District. Our mission is to defend our clients' rights and legal guarantees with excellence, Our Criminal Lawyers in Porto Alegre offer personalized service, with quality, respect and attention to their individual needs.

Our Criminal Attorney in Porto Alegre are one of the most traditional and renowned in Brazil, it counts on militant lawyers who act in a consultative, preventive and contentious manner, in defense of the accused or in favor of the victim, individual or legal person, in all spheres, instances and courts of the parents. If you need high skills Criminal Lawyers in Porto Alegre, please contact us.




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