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Our Department of Real Estate deals with many aspects such as leasing, financial properties, selling, buying and consulting mainly with the joint enterprises. We work for real estate investors of office buildings, buyers, sellers, resort properties, shopping centers, industrial facilities, hotels and single family units. Our counsellors and legal practitioners take care of loans that start from ground loans used for development projects to office, retail and industrial loans, on behalf of leaseholders and property owners. We remain thoroughly in touch with the governmental authorities and are more into condominiums and modification of apartment units.

The legal practitioners of this firm have been involved in counselling clients and also appear before various organizations such as boards of adjustment, planning boards and governing bodies in municipalites all through Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, related to issues of land use and zoning. Apart from this, the firm has also dealt with various appeals of clients who are involved with municipalities having issues of sewer connection expenses, municipal governing bodies and also confronted the municipal courts to fight for code violations and zoning. Our work does not end here, we also consult with clients, especially those who are in opposition to municipal acts to save their property, along with those clients who look for a territory change so that a propsed development can be permitted.

The Brazlilian constitution of law endows Non-Brazilians with the same rights that have been given to the Brazilians to buy properties in the country. Over the past three years, Brazil is in the limelight for having an augmented economy. This has made the country a hub for people who invest in various properties to multiply their property. Brazil’s significant locations are preffered by many early investors who are in the business of investing in real estate.

The beautiful locations of Brazil have also caught the sights of overseas investors. In fact, Brazil is playing a significant role in the international real estate market.

In the present day scenario, Brazil is considered to be an emerging and potential market for global property investors. The benefits of investments are beyond imagination and the country has also been tagged as a stable one in the investment market.

Some of the features that make Brazil suitable for investors are as follows:

  • Sunshine throughout the year with a moderate climate
  • Affectionate attitude of the Brazilian people
  • Natural beauty with picturesque landscapes and serene beaches
  • Less risk of war and terrorism
  • Lively cities and vibrant carnivals and music
  • Flight services from many international airports in the country
  • Satisfactory currency exchange rates (cheap for foreign investors)
  • Augmented booming manufacturing industries that help to boost the country’s economyGood incentives for foreign investors to help them own 100% of their real estate property
  • Cost of living is reasonable when compared to UK/Europe and costs for property maintenance are very low
  • Easy access for people who travel from Europe and North America. Moreover, the travel costs drop every year, making the country an ideal zone to invest in property as well as for the tourism
  • Many investments have improved the infrastructure of the country
  • The suitable climate and low cost of living attract both tourists and investors
  • Predicted by some renowned financiers, Brazil is expected to be in the list of top 5 world economies by 2050.

Why invest in Rio de Janeiro?

  • Moderately hot climate all-round the year in Rio de Janeiro helps increase revenue
  • The significant areas, especially the south zone of Rio de Janeiro witness over 20% recognition every year
  • The country encourages foreign investment and allows foreign investors to own 100% of their land
  • Picturesque scenery and tranquil beaches
  • Cheap currency
  • Rich in oil and more oil fields being explored
  • According to some economists’ predictions, Brazil will hit the list of top world economies in the coming years
  • The friendly nature of the Brazilian people make the country a more peaceful place to stay in and the carnivals make it lively and colorful.

Brazil is acknowledged for being at low risk in regards to Terrorism, War, Hurricanes and SARS.

Our legal assistance:

  • We file for the CPF or the Foreigner Brazilian Tax Id Card. This is considered to be the only document that is mandatory for those who make investments in real estate in Brazil
  • We are involved with drafting and analyzing the contract of buying and selling so as to protect the rights of the clients, in written
  • We execute on sale and purchase contracts
  • We categorize the process of money transfer so as to be legal and abide by Federal and International Money laundering Regulations
  • We are involved with title search. Here, the legal practitioner verifies if the title of the property is 100% clean and free of claims
  • We provide counseling for tax and immigration
  • We deal with managerial powers with the help of which a foreigner can allow an attorney to represent him/her.


Mr. Alessandro Jacob speaking about Brazilian Law on "International Bar Association" conference

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