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Recife Attorneys with proper style. Our Lawyers in Recife are a law enforcement agency regarding legal advice for individuals and companies. Our Attorneys in Recife have specialized experts in all areas of Law, with many years of experience and recommended by the main national and international rankings and directories. Our lawyers are the soul of a style based on quality, experience, competitiveness and agility.

Our Attorneys in Recife offer advice in International Law and many related Legal areas. If you need high skills Lawyers in Recife, please contact us.


What do our Recife Family Law Lawyers do?
Pre-nuptial agreements;
Divorce Lawyers by mutual consent or without the spouse's consent;
Regulation of parental responsibilities;
Separation of property and judicial separation of persons and property;
Stable union;
Processes for the Promotion and Protection of Minors.
Pre-nuptial agreements

Divorce by mutual consent done thru our Family Attorneys in Recife.
In cases where there is a total agreement between the spouses on the issue of divorce, it can be requested by both spouses, by mutual agreement, at the civil registry office, and the divorce takes place through the form of mutual consent.

Our Recife Family Attorneys advise that the Court weighs the needs of each spouse and the interests of the couple's children, depending on the request of either spouse.
Agreement on the fate of pet animals
Another question that, in some cases, also arises is who should keep the pets, if they exist, namely dogs and cats.

Recent legislation has strengthened the legal protection of pet animals and the courts in matters of divorce and legal separation. If you need high skills Family lawyers in Recife, please contact us.


Our Recife Business Attorneys specialize in commercial contracts, so we offer you the best advice and defense of your rights on all topics related to this type of situation. Our path is plagued with successes, which gives us the best letter of presentation before you.

Our Corporate Lawyers in resolved any question that concerns the responsibility of the administrators of a company or of any type of company.

A company, an entrepreneur, must count on the most complete and effective advice in this area, as the surveys that derive from the greatest head breakers if there is no one close to an expert.

Our Recife Business Attorneys provide a complete advisory on corporate governance, to all types of companies. Since the birth of the company, its constitution, the extinction of its legal personality. To that end, our Corporate Attorneys in Recife, always provide the legal solutions that the company may require on this day.

Our Recife Business Attorneys experts at Business Law, makes sure that you have the best help and the best advice whenever you need us. In the dude, contact us. Our Recife Business Attorneys are specialists, mainly, in the framework of the Corporate Law and, for that reason, they can provide you with the attention and advice you need in time to resolve any question related to your Business.

Our Business Lawyers in Recife are specialists in legal inquiries that may affect the company in which different areas of work.

Our Corporate Lawyers in Recife comprises a wide variety of materials that can affect the company in its business relationships with customers, suppliers, employees and partners.

Recife Business Attorneys at ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM are very familiar with advising companies both in Recife and throughout the national territory.

Our Recife lawyers are specialists in companies. If you need high skills Business Lawyers in Recife, please contact us.


The purchase of a villa is much more important for your life, so it is advisable that before starting any procedure, help a Recife Real Estate agent who advises you conveniently. Our Real Estate Attorneys in Recife specialize in the real estate sector and we want to help you buy your home with the maximum guarantees.

Our Real Estate Lawyers in Recife accompany you exclusively throughout the entire acquisition process. All legal transactions or real estate operations require a great deal of experience and specialization, therefore, our Real Estate Law Firm in Recife offer a wide variety of services related to the real estate sector, for both companies and individuals. Our lawyers will advise you on all the steps you need to take to acquire a villa with maximum guarantees. In the event that being a foreigner can be attended to in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese.

1. Initial management and procedures
Advice on immovable property on necessary procedures and management.
Operating cost studio: expenses, taxes, fees, registration, notary…
Advice on booking contract or purchase option
Verification of the urban and legal state of the property, examining the urban and constructive situation.

2. Proceedings prior to the notary deed of purchase
Request and management for obtaining Brazilian Identity.
Advice on opening bank accounts in the case of foreign customers.
Request and management for obtaining the habitability note.
Previous expert technical reports.
Inform technical inspection of buildings (IT).
Information regarding loads and the status of the community of owners and statutes.
Request for reports or certificates to the administration of the absence of urbanistic infractions.
Requirements if you acquire a legal person (identification of the real holder).
Documentation preparation required for the preparation of notary public deed of purchase.

3. Notary deed firm
Assistance to deed firms (with interpreter service in case of request).

4. Proceedings after the notary deed firm
Payment-settlement of expenses and taxes derived from the purchase
Inscription of the deed in the registry of the property.
Change in ownership of supplies and counters (electricity, water, gas, etc.).
Household of receipts for expenses and / or charges inherent to the acquired house (community expenses, IBI, incinerator, etc.).

5. Post sales services
Villa rental contracts.
Commercialization of real estate assets in the vacation sector.
Contracting of supplies and services.
Payment of taxes, expenses, supplies ...

If you need high skills Real Estate Lawyers in Recife, please contact us.



You are looking for a specialized Immigration lawyer in Recife, we are specialized in procedures for Immigration in Brazil, Our Citizenship Law Firm helps you to obtain the residence permit thru marriage, Brazilian Kid, Investment in Company, Investment in Real Estate, thru work or retirement quickly and easily, in dudes: you are on the right page. You are looking for Recife Immigration Attorney specialized in procedures, that helps you to obtain the residence permit for the Nationality of Spain quickly and easily, in the dudes: you are on the right page. We don't sell hummus. Our Visa Attorneys in Recife have clear things, we know perfectly how to solve your problems with the residence permit and obtain the Nationality of Brazil quickly.
Our Citizenship Lawyers in Recife are specialized lawyers exclusively in caring for immigrants. We know and understand the problems of foreigners.

From the first moment you will know how many different services we have. Our Immigration Law Firm in Recife have fixed and fair honors for our clients.
You will be attended by our professional staff. We don't close for vacations. If you need high skills Immigration Lawyers in Recife, please contact us.

ESTATE LAWYERS IN RECIFE                                                        
Recife Heritages Attorneys.
It is not pleasant to plant surveys related to the end of its existence. But this is an inexorable result of consequences for his family and alleged. Within special importance is attached to the destination of our new heritage.

Our Recife Real Estate Attorneys are expert in matters of succession. Our Inheritance Lawyers in Recife will advise you to solve your inheritance. Our usual development in succession issues determines that our times are agile. Our Recife Estate Attorneys want you to respond to the concerns of those who trust us in the future as soon as possible.

If you need to carry out any procedure in matters of succession (declaration of inheritance, acceptance of inheritance, adjudication of inheritance, advice on drawing up testaments, payment of the succession charge, investigation of assets, etc.)
If you need high skills Estate lawyers in Recife, please contact us.


Our Recife Tax Law Firm is a legal firm that provides tax advisory services in Recife and whole state of Pernambuco to individuals, companies, autonomous companies, Our Recife Tax Advisor, will attend to your problems in person.

Our tax Lawyers in Recife appears before the Tax Agency to carry out the necessary management according to their charge, from:

Request the tax identification card.
Register with the electronic company.
Presentation of periodic tax declarations, (monthly, quarterly or annual obligatory).
Formulate communications that are of interest to our clients.

Our Recife Tax attorneys, and our tax advisors, will attend to your problems, and appear before the Tax Agency to present as many claims and administrative resources as necessary, with the documents you request. From the fulfillment of any requirement for matters related to the Declaration of Income - IRPF - the Tax on Companies. It has been possible to formulate allegations related to a parallel liquidation and the provisional or definitive one. Since submitting a complementary settlement, you have to present, by our specialized Recife tax attorney, a repositioning resource and / or economic-administrative claim.

Our Recife Tax lawyers are experts in tax matters, before the Brazilian courts to which they correspond, the necessary litigation-administrative resources once the administrative route has been established.

In order to achieve the best results for our clients, our Recife tax advisors, and tax lawyers, we have the best instruments in our Recife budget, and the greatest efforts and maximum dedication are required, because we know how complicated it is for you to get in. in the full scope of taxation, properly comply with tax regulations, and in the face of all and defending their rights as a contributor.

Our Tax Attorneys in Recife have as a commitment to give solution to our other contributing clients, to the different problems that we have to face. If you need high skills Tax Lawyers in Recife, please contact us.


Our Recife Criminal Lawyers, defend all kinds of cases related to the general criminal law. Among them, we can list the following: crimes against life, sexual crimes, trafficking and road safety, gender violence, reckless, labor, against honor, against intimacy, against public order, against administration, etc.

Likewise, our Criminal Lawyers in Recife, file complaints against physical persons, legal persons and institutions, without discriminating on account of their position, in the face of situations related to crimes contemplated within the general criminal law.

Our Recife Criminal Attorneys have taken defenses and charges in the Court of Justice for almost all kind of crimes as:

Sexual aggression (Violation)
Sexual Abuses
Child pornography
Corruption of minors
Drug trafficking offenses
Excess speed
Help of the rescue helper
Disobedience to authority
Gender-based violence
Domestic violence
Illegal detention and kidnapping
Against intimacy
Labor crimes
Labor accident
Against the wrongs of the workers
Against labor safety and hygiene
Reckless offenses
Medical negligence
Professional imprudence’s
Reckless murders
Reckless injuries
Offenses against privacy and honor
Discovery and secret disclosure
Illegal detention
Crimes against property
Corruption crime

Drug trafficking offenses carry very high and much imprisonment penalties, which are imputed to them without being aware of the criminal liability to which they are faced, until they are notified in writing of the tax accusation. Our Criminal Attorneys in Recife have defended ourselves for drug trafficking offenses, both in cases of minor trafficking and in national and international operations.

If you need high skills Criminal Lawyers in Recife, please contact us.



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