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Our Lawyers in Salvador Bahia works to provides complete assistance, acting in prevention, as well as in litigation, in competent legal services, Salvador Bahia Attorneys emphasizes personal service, our Salvador Bahia Lawyers will always guide you by ethics and total professional secrecy.

Our Attorneys in Salvador Bahia seek to provide complete solutions to our customers, both for individuals and companies.

Our Salvador Bahia Attorneys are experienced and with a concern for constant academic updating, generating a lawyer with a high technical level, which has provided us with excellent results. Please contact our Lawyers in Salvador Bahia If you are looking for top professionals.


Our Salvador Bahia Family Attorneys, has proven an enduring record which emphasizes teamwork and a dedication to excellence.

We can follow your marriage even physically or through power of attorney if you are outside Brazil, we are Salvador Bahia Family Lawyers that can assist within your prenup agreement and help with all kind of Family legal services in Salvador Bahia.

Our Salvador Bahia Law Firm can also help with registration of your Stable Union document that you can use for an Immigration process.

Popularly known as amicable divorce, it occurs when the spouses agree with the terms of the dissolution, that is, the legal end of the marriage. If there is consensus, the couple will be able to establish the terms on the end of the union, the sharing of assets, the custody of the children, the pensioning of food, the regulation of visits, among others.


It occurs when there is no agreement between one or both spouses regarding the dissolution of the union (end of marriage). In such a situation it is necessary to file a lawsuit, so that a judge of law can resolve the conflict, under the terms of the law.


It deals with family obligations and relationships, such as marriage, stable union, divorce, shared custody, visitation regulations, alimony, paternity investigation, affiliation, family property, guardianship, trustee, among others.


It is a form of shared exercise of custody of the children after the end of the marital relationship. Parents will have the same responsibilities for the decisions and deliberations in the routine of minor children, that is, they will be taken together.
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Our Salvador Bahia Business Attorneys assists and represents organizations and law companies from all over the world.

Our Salvador Bahia Business Lawyers specialize in dealing with the felony implications businessmen face in the operational phases of their business. Our legal services in Salvador Bahia includes set up companies, preparation of agreements, trademarks and all other related Business legal services.  Our Salvador Bahia Business Lawyers advises and represents the client on all business transactions to maximize business value and minimize exposure to litigation. In the event of a dispute, our Salvador Bahia Business Law Firm use our experience and practical judgment to represent clients through settlement, litigation, arbitration and / or mediation negotiations. Our Business Attorneys in Salvador Bahia represent clients and assist in the creation / registration of companies.

We assist clients in contracts, negotiations and the like, transfers through the Central Bank of Brazil and in the preparation and submission of applications for registration of foreign capital with the Central Bank, in which our law firm acts as an agent. Law 4131 / 62 defines foreign capital as the goods, machines, cash equipment, and financial resources that enter Brazil for the production of goods or services, or for application in economic activities, provided that, in any case, they belong to people physical or legal residents, domiciled or headquartered abroad. If you are looking for successful Business Lawyers in Salvador Bahia, please contact us.


Our Salvador Bahia Real Estate Attorneys represents buyers and sellers in any kind of Real Estate transactions. Our Salvador Bahia Real Estate Lawyers deal with factors of buy and sale, development, construction, mortgages, foreclosures, and rentals of industrial and home actual property (the land and the systems connected to it).

Our Salvador Bahia Rea Estate Law Firm are adept at managing actual property subjects related to condo complexes, condos, duplexes, single-own circles of relative’s dwellings (homes), commercial enterprise or workplace belongings, and different residential and industrial belongings. Our Real Estate Attorneys in Salvador Bahia deals with several aspects, such as leasing, financial properties, selling, buying and consulting mainly in joint ventures. work for real estate investors in office buildings, buyers, sellers, resorts, shopping centers, industrial facilities, hotels and single-family units.

Our Legal Advisors in Salvador Bahia handle loans ranging from basic loans used for development projects to loans for offices, retail and industrial, on behalf of tenants and owners. Our Real Estate Attorneys in Salvador Bahia remain in full contact with government authorities and are in condominiums and modification of apartment units.  If you are looking for successful Real Estate Lawyers in Salvador Bahia, please contact us.


This might also be your first Divorce; however, it is no longer ours. Divorce Lawyers in Salvador Bahia presents legal help to dissolution of marriages whether or not thru annulment or divorce. Our Divorce Attorneys in Salvador Bahia are able to apply divorce methods much less demanding and guarantee that your felony rights will be protected.

 Our Salvador Bahia Divorce Law Firm will provoke the technique in Brazilian Justice to terminate your marriage, Our Salvador Bahia Divorce Lawyers also aid in cognizance in apostille your International divorce to validate right here in Brazil, our Legal Conseils in Salvador Bahia are full prepared to get best results for you in court or thru a consensual Divorce that sometimes find a deal. Please contact our Divorce Lawyers in Salvador Bahia.


Our Immigration Lawyers in Salvador Bahia can apply for a permanent visa depending on the situation, in view of the accompanying Regularizing goals among others:

Regulating Goal No. 36, OF OCTOBER 09, 2018

Orders the allowing of a home grant because of Real Estate interest in Brazil; Lasting Visa to unfamiliar financial backers because of Real Estate interest in Brazil; Initial Step is applying CPF (Brazilian Federal retirement aide Number). The conceding of a home license for land speculation is dependent upon the securing of land, situated in a metropolitan region, in a sum equivalent to or more prominent than R $ 1,000,000.00 (1,000,000 reais), which might be:
a) obtaining of fabricated land; or b) obtaining of land under development.
1-The base speculation sum might be under 30% of the complete arrangement, with regards to the securing of land in the North and Upper east districts of the country. The restoration of the underlying term of home, for a time of up to 02 (two) a long time and the ensuing revision of the term of home, for an inconclusive timeframe.

Our Salvador Bahia Immigration attorneys advise about Standardizing Goal No. 13, OF DECEMBER 12, 2017; Orders the giving of a home license for ventures by people in lawful substances in the country. Initial step is applying your CPF (Brazilian government managed retirement number). Second step is discovering an investor that can be a Brazilian or non-Brazilian companion, relative or your organization in your nation of origin, since likewise Brazilian law you cannot setting up organization alone. Third step is track down a Brazilian or outsider with perpetual visa to address you and setting up your organization in Brazil, you can supplant your lawful agent when you get your lasting visa and issue Brazilian Recognizable proof. Forward advance, is setting up an organization ledger in a Brazilian bank. Fifth step - to have the option to apply lasting visa, after we setting up your organization and friends financial balance, you should move equivalent R$ 500,000 Brazilian reais from your own name ledger to the new Brazilian organization ledger that you are investor. 6th step-Register R$ 500,000 interest in Brazilian National bank. Seventh step-Elaboration of your cycle and applying your Brazilian Lasting visa joining every fundamental assertion, reports and structures. Our Visa Attorneys in Salvador Bahia gives the aggressive representation you need to defend your rights in these situations.

 With the quantity of confusion and complexity surrounding immigration legal guidelines and the arbitrary way in which decisions are made, you can have faith in our immigration attorney to provide you with the expert advice you need to make positive that you and your loved ones are protected. If you are looking for successful Immigration Lawyers in Salvador Bahia, please contact us.


Our Salvador Bahia Citizenship Attorneys are rated as a chief in the discipline for providing excessive quality, extraordinarily positive legal representation on immigration issues, which jeopardize the rights of clients and their cherished ones to live and work in Brazil.
Our all-star Salvador Bahia Citizenship Lawyers have been helping non-Brazilian for many, many years, join family together, this is our most pleasure fat that can happens, leads with the aid of our Salvador Bahia Immigration attorneys that considers it a distinctive honor to help you, too shortly and get your situation resolved.
Because of the instances that effectively handled as attorney, our Salvador Bahia Citizenship Law Firm is aware of how the national and local immigration organization’s function, their peculiarities and how to prepare winning cases. If you are looking for successful Immigration Lawyers in Salvador Bahia, please contact us.
Estate planning is an essential step for everyone. Regardless of the complexity of your estate, the property you have worked so challenging to accumulate should go to the humans who deserve them. With the assistance of our Salvador Bahia Estate Attorneys, each person has to boost a comprehensive estate graph that meets their wishes and the needs of their families.

Equipped with testamentary documents, inclusive of a will and a variety of confidence options, your estate can be cared by our Salvador Bahia Real Estate Lawyers, according to your goals, leaving your household free of uncertainty and the capacity to focus on healing. Though it is a difficult dialog to have, it is a massive one. Our Salvador Bahia Estate Law Firm furnish comforting surroundings in which to do so. At ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM, our Salvador Bahia Probate Attorneys offers educated and compassionate aid to those who are ready to take this step.

Our Probate Attorneys in Salvador Bahia are also prepared to assist those who have an interest in an estate and those chosen to lift out the testator's wishes. For a consultation with one of our dedicated Estate Lawyers in Salvador Bahia please, contact us.


Taxes are annoying in the high-quality of instances and our Tax Attorneys in Salvador Bahia are here to help. Our Salvador Bahia tax lawyers are also admitted to practice in the front Brazilian Tax authorities. 

When it comes to federal and national taxes in Salvador, Bahia, our Tax Lawyer in Salvador Bahia offers you the highest satisfactory carrier and help in resolving your tax disputes and dealing with your serious tax matters. 

Our Salvador Bahia Tax Lawyers, one of ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM, advises Salvador Bahia companies about tax relief, helps them with tax planning, helps them deal with lower back tax issues and disputes, and ensures they're correct represented when again tax matters require on the spot tax resolution. Our Tax Salvador Bahia Law Firm work to unravel all Brazilian Internal Revenue Service (Receita Federal), our Salvador Bahia Tax Lawyers assist with Finance tax matters shortly and efficiently, and strives to help his clients get the outcomes they need.


Salvador Bahia Criminal Lawyers provides our clients the exceptional feasible illustration in order to defend them from any kind of accusations.

Ours Salvador Bahia Criminal Attorneys are nationally identified criminal trial professionals and have emerged as the most distinguished criminal protection law firm in Salvador Bahia.

 Our Salvador Bahia Criminal Lawyers have the capabilities and ride to supply clients with energetic and wonderful defense in Brazilian courts.

Our criminal lawyers in Rio de Janeiro acts in the defense of the interests of people who are investigated, accused or victims of crimes, representing their assisted before police, judicial or administrative authorities, whenever there is a concrete accusation, a conflict or an activity that involves a risk or possibility of setting up a criminal offense.

The most common example of criminal law practice is, first, that of a lawyer who defends a person, whether in prison or at liberty, who is being accused of committing a crime. However, the fields of action of criminal lawyers can be much broader, involving since the performance as assistant of prosecution, when representing victims of crimes, as the elaboration of consultations and opinions on a criminal issue, including in a preventive way, that is, before a criminal investigation is initiated or a formal charge is brought to Criminal Justice.

Areas of expertise of our Criminal Lawyer

Our criminal Attorney acts in all areas of criminal law, in legal advice, in consultancy or, more often, in criminal law, in matters involving a criminal matter, such as:


- Criminal Compliance and Anti-Corruption

- Awarded Delation

- Awarded Collaboration

- Money laundry

- Corruption

- Economic and Business Criminal Law

- Drug trafficking

- Drug Law in general

- Custody Hearing

- Crimes against property

- Theft

- Tax Crimes

- Economic Crimes

- Electoral Crimes

- Crimes against Consumer Relations

- Environmental Crimes

- Special Criminal Courts

- Bankruptcy Crimes

- Crimes committed by civil servants

- Crimes against Life

- Jury court

- Crimes against the National Financial System

- Traffic Crimes

- Internet crimes

- Crimes against Honor

- Injury, Slander and Defamation

- Stardom

- Heinous crimes

- Infractional Act and Childhood Court

- Penal execution

- Maria da Penha Law

- Private Criminal Action

- Crime News

- Consulting and Opinions

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