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São Paulo Aviation Lawyer

When you think about hiring a São Paulo aviation lawyer after a plane crash, you probably think of filing civil charges to recover medical expenses, lost wages and other damages that stemmed from his accident. What many people do not think, however, is to present criminal charges against the pilot or airline. When you choose a São Paulo aviation lawyer to handle your case, you can be certain that all aspects of the accident will be thoroughly investigated and documented. If negligence is found or a violation of the law, ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM can work to bring various charges against the party at fault. Common cases where civil and criminal charges are filed against drivers who would use drugs or alcohol before a flight or who fly beyond the legal number of hours allowed without rest. Any aircraft found to be harboring hazardous materials at the time of the accident can also result in criminal charges and a civil lawsuit. ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM will know their rights and the laws surrounding its fall and can help ensure that justice is done to all the victims of the accident. While seeking medical care is certainly the first thing they should do all passengers coming in contact with ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM before signing any document or conversation with any employee of the airline is imperative. In many cases, employees convince victims to accept settlements or signing away your right to future legal action. Contact ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM, you can preserve your rights while helping also to aid investigation. ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM can help determine the cause of the accident and whether the pilots may have been to blame. This can help when filing civil or criminal charges and can aid in helping other injured passengers receive compensation for your injuries and damages as well. Taking the time to contact ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM after any aviation acciden, if the accident occurred after takeoff or on the track or if it occurred during landing, The laws are there to make sure that all aspects of air travel is as safe as possible for passengers and crew. If you have been involved in an accident that may involve criminal charges or civil do not hesitate to contact us.


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