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ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM is nationally recognized criminal trial expertise. São Paulo Criminal Lawyer Alessandro Jacob has successfully represented individuals charged with a wide range of crimes. ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM has the experience and skill necessary to provide clients with a vigorous and effective defense in the Brazilian courts. We are ready to handle any criminal cases such as: International Drug Crimes, Traffic Violations, assault, car and Truck Accidents. ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM is an institution which provides services in the area of ​​criminal law for many years, recognized as one of the most competent in their field. The fluidity of contemporary, are increasingly required, professionals in general, a constant specialization and particularization of activities, denoting an appointment on topic development in a given area of knowledge as a way to develop excellence in the provision of individualized services . Accordingly, also in criminal law, such as segment specific professional, it requires training of his actors more closely linked to the needs of demands (many of which are unpublished) court. It is therefore highly specialized matters, involving the development of technical and legal approaches themselves in all courts, both at the state as in federal, are unique issues that deserve and require an understanding and approach too specific. ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM has expertise, particularly as an assistant to the Indictment, as a provider of legal services to numerous individuals or companies, who suffer directly or indirectly with the effects of crime complex, sophisticated and visible expansion. These are just a few facets of the multiple demands and areas in which the criminal law, ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM proves indispensably necessary for the protection of individual and collective interests. We also assist with preparation and review of contracts of technology transfer in the international environment, drafting and reviewing contracts for oil exploration, service contracts, joint venture, production sharing, among others.


Mr. Alessandro Jacob speaking about Brazilian Law on "International Bar Association" conference

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