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The São Paulo trademark Lawyer Alessandro Jacob initiates the registration of your product or brand in INPI. ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM searches best name for your product and assist with all registration steps. We also assist with Patents. Brand, under Brazilian law, every sign is distinctive, visually perceptible, that identifies and distinguishes products and services, as well as certifying their compliance with certain standards or technical specifications. A trademark gives its owner the exclusive right to use the national territory in its field of economic activity. At the same time, their perception by the consumer can result in adding value to products or services.

A million patents are required per year worldwide, showing a steady and accelerating innovation in all sectors. DVD, Internet, iPod, mp3, cloning, nanotechnology, bio-piracy ... We are living in the Age of Knowledge. You and your company may own inventions, design, new software, trademarks and copyrights in any kind of technical or artistic expression. Known as Intellectual Property Rights / Industrial. And that when secured by registration, can generate large profits for itself. According to WIPO - World Intellectual Property Organization, about 70% of the technologies in the world have their exclusive disclosure in patent documents, which makes this documentation one of the richest sources of Information Technology. Before requesting a trade mark application, it is important to define the nature of the use of the brand and its presentation. ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM can help with all steps for your registration.


Mr. Alessandro Jacob speaking about Brazilian Law on "International Bar Association" conference

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