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Sport has become over the years a very professional field of activity with regulations generally easy to understand. This is how  ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM were born, Rio de Janeiro Sports Attorney at ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM is qualified as experts in this new branch. The services of our São Paulo Sports Attorney is essential in different situations, whether for an athlete, an institution, or an entire organization.

From time to time, athletes and their immediate surroundings may be involved in issues resulting from their activities and the various agreements they have made throughout their careers. Such situations can be difficult to resolve without the help of competent Brazil Sports Attorney at ALVES AJCOB LAW FIRM who has a perfect understanding of the legal framework and relating to the sports code.

In this context, our Rio de Janeiro Sports Attorney at ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM provide them with legal advice adapted to the circumstances of each situation. Clubs, companies, referees, federations, sports agents, intermediaries, brands and sponsors can all use the services of our Brazil Sports Attorney when needed.
Our Rio de Janeiro Sports  Attorney invests in two essential areas: informing about the legal procedures that the client may face, and protecting his interests during the exercise of his professional activity. The first service consists of helping his client to understand the problems he might encounter, while the second will consist of defending his client in a case,
and acting as his representative throughout the legal proceedings.

In the world of sport, football is the field which has reached the greatest dimension. Therefore, it is normal to think that its regulation is more demanding and that many other agents are involved in the process. In this area, our São Paulo Sports Attorney can offer certain essential services such as drafting, negotiation and preparation of contracts relating to transfer operations. This includes renovations and the departure of athletes from their clubs.

In addition to knowing everything about sport,our São Paulo Sports Attorney can also support clients in the constitution of sports companies, in the knowledge of aspects related to image rights and their exploitation, without forgetting the negotiations concerning the audiovisual rights of the club or of the society.

In the event of doping, our Rio de Janeiro Sports Attorney, may also intervene by representing the athlete concerned in order to ensure his defense. The same is true for negotiations aimed at financing an athlete, a team, an institution, or even a federation. Finally, our Brazil Sports Attorney can also offer management advice, particularly in terms of procedures, for managers of all forms of sports institution and organization.

What is sports law?
Sports law, or sports activities law, encompasses several specific legal issues. In particular, he supervises sports players, namely sportsmen, federations, clubs, associations, leagues, sponsors, agents, coaches and bookmaking companies, among others:
Our Rio de Janeiro Sports advises sports players of their rights and duties;
Support any sports event organizer when drafting the documents required for the competition (regulations);
Inform them about the possible procedures to resolve disputes by procedural or amicable means;
Drafting of employment contracts and amendments thereto;
Assistance to athletes in creating a relationship with sponsors;
Protecting the sponsor's image and its brands;
The council of federations in drafting their statutes;
Intervention in disputes involving athletes or organizers;
National and international taxation for athletes;
Taxation of athletes in Brazil;
International taxation of athletes;

As for international athletes, they often have the possibility of taking up residence in the country of their choice. Thus, they are subject to the tax regime imposed by the administration of the country where they have taken up residence. Some countries do not apply tax on international income not repatriated to the country of residence.
Social law of sports activities
From a social and above all ethical point of view, sports activities are governed by a law on ethics and professional sport. Aiming to strengthen regulation and transparency in professional sports, and to optimize the competitiveness of clubs, this law addresses, among other things, the following points:
Preserving the ethics of sport
The fight for transparency around sports competitions
Improving the competitiveness of professional clubs
The financing of training centers via the apprenticeship tax
The more pronounced supervision of operating contracts
Promotion of the development of women's sport and its media coverage
At the same time, the Sports Code also governs many areas of sports activities among public bodies and other sports structures.
The employment contract , which binds professional sportsmen to federations and clubs, for example
The advertising contract, which measures the exploitation of the collective image of a team, or the individual image of a sportsperson
The sponsorship or sponsorship contract, which links the sponsored athletes to sponsors who agree to join the former, by financial or material means
Personal rights in the world of sport
The right to image
The image right is an exclusive personal right that each person has over their image on the one hand, and the use made of it on the other. Our lawyers will be able to advise organizers and athletes, the first in terms of the drafting of clauses.

Our Brazil Sports Attorney, intervenes in many sports such as boxing, football, volleyball, horse riding and sailing. We advise athletes, professional or amateur athletes, sports associations, clubs, regional leagues, departmental committees and national federations. More generally, ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM and our clients are all involved in the sports movement.


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