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“Sex is as inherent to human beings as breathing, loving, or suffering.

Too bad that some insist on turning it into a taboo.”

(RODRIGUES, Humberto).

The chance of stable associations and same-sex marriage is a subject that has effectively produced a lot of discussion. Here, in Family Law, an article was rarely expounded explicitly on this, as we comprehend that marriage - and the steady association - of gay people, not the slightest bit contrasts from other family substances.

Be that as it may, for the individuals who are keen on the matter, we figure it is relevant to give a clarification of how these associations came to be adequately perceived by the Brazilian general set of laws. Improve how it occurred? Please!

In a few articles, we have effectively referenced that the family has gone through changes throughout the long term, taking into account that in past occasions the family element shaped by marriage was the just one perceived by law and that, over the long haul, the family came to be recognized by another principle perspective: love.

Hence, taking into account that the progressions in the public arena requested a variation of the enactment, the progressions emerging from the Government Constitution of 1988 perceived the various types of family, if shaped by marriage.

The current family is "more earnest, in a manner of speaking, as in the pietisms and reproductions of the past presently don't discover a put on the scene", that is, those families - not shaped by marriage - have consistently existed, just they didn't get lawful security, what began to occur with this "acculturation" of the Law and the valorization of human respect.

Despite the fact that they present variety as to the sex of those included, gay associations are comprised by similar qualities as heteros, having love as the fundamental component. It is seen, subsequently, that some family elements can't be ensured and others can't.

Prior to the acknowledgment by the Government Constitution of all family elements, the individuals who kept a relationship that was not as per the law, at the hour of division, would have to disintegrate the association in the Common Court, wherein the family was treated as a "true society”. One of the accomplices could even get remuneration or a piece of the resources gained, for instance, yet that would be because of the "general public" they did and not the "family" and the fellowship of life set up.

The primary advances were seen when the statute ("What is law?" Snap here) began to concede that the cases including the division of gay couples were examined in Family Courts, under the inclination of the standards relevant to the steady association (year 2001). The present condition was subsequently supported by the assertion 524 of the Common Law Days2.

In 2011, the Government High Court perceived the gay stable association as a family element and ascribed rights to same-sex couples. At that point, the "Court, still by consistent vote, controlled the activities, with viable erga omnes and restricting impact" 3, which intends to say that this would be a situation to be trailed by different legal advisers of the country4.

Along these lines, it is perceived that article 226, § 3, of the Government Constitution, as indicated by which "to ensure the Express, the steady relationship among people is perceived", in spite of the fact that it has not been adequately changed, should be perused in another way. Along these lines, where "man and lady" is perused, the translation that has been given is that it peruses "individuals".

In June 2011, the main gay stable association was changed over into marriage, through the courts (transformation of an association into marriage is conceivable). After that demand, others additionally started to be conceded judicially.

Brazil has begun to show up on the rundown of nations that make gay marriage legitimately conceivable and acknowledged, but as transformation, in a patent exhibition of regard for contrasts, without deceptions, empowering, most importantly, the joy of its residents.

In the event that the gay stable association would now be able to be changed over into marriage, why not perceive gay marriage straightforwardly? It would have neither rhyme nor reason. Accordingly, the equivalent sex marriage likewise began to be perceived, in spite of the fact that with the conceivable requirement for legal mediation for that - in the event of refusal with respect to the legal officials corresponding to the festival.

In 2013, the Public Committee of Equity distributed Goal no. 175/2013, which portrayed one more development, to the extent that it discovers that the specialists (legal official workplaces) can't dismiss the festival of same-sex marriage or the change of the steady association into marriage. In the event that such a refusal exists, it ought to be communicated the justice judge for the reception of fitting measures.

The facts confirm that, as in the past comparable to different kinds of family, gay associations won't stop to exist since they are not directed, similarly as they won't increment just because of lawful acknowledgment.

By not perceiving a gay association, the guideline of pride is abused. With the absence of acknowledgment, the Equity would team up, truth be told, for the formation of shameful acts, since it would be "shutting the eyes" for subjects that merit equivalent assurance.

In the meantime, the Legal executive and Chief Forces, taking care of the social fuss for equity and equilibrium, regardless of opposition and bias, are starting to offer impact to sacred standards and standards and to administer unique treatment to the subject, focusing on done barring it, in light of the fact that the direction of every person, particularly in the sexual field, should be regarded.

From our encounters with the Family Courts, we were, over the long run, understanding the trouble that numerous individuals have in seeing Family Law, just as understanding the language utilized by Law administrators. From that, we began to expound on Family and Progression Law in an improved-on manner, attempting to unite individuals in this space of Law. As though that were adequately not, sooner or later, we likewise started to see the huge number of lawful experts going with us, partaking in conversations, sending questions and in any event, requesting support materials. The solicitation for models and exploration help was the trigger for us to begin creating materials to serve this crowd too.


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