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The Tax Law is a complex matter, in perpetual evolution and that occupies an important place in the new operations that chase down the frequently.
However, we are appraisal of the fiscal choices to be made on the occasion of the sale of a company, the incorporation of a company, the subscription of a tax return or even on the occasion of a fiscal control, the balance in this assurance between an administration composed of professionals specialized in each tax category and the contrable devoid of advice.
The preconjudicial consequences that lead to tax redress leading to the contributors to the conclude that they are not prudent in raising the conseils of professionnels.
Rio de Janeiro Tax Attorney here at ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM specializes in Tax Law in Brazil, and supports its clients, individuals and businesses, in all aspects of internal and international taxation .

Tax Audit
During a tax audit, the assistance of a São Paulo Tax Attorney is essential. Its intervention ensures that taxpayer rights and the procedure are respected by the tax administration. The lawyer protects the interests of his clients and assists them in the lodging of contentious claims or proceedings before the tax judge ...
Taxation of companies and groups of companies
Brazil Tax Attorney also works with professional clients. He advises companies on the tax issues they encounter.
The lawyer in tax advice and litigation also assists his clients in restructuring operations. The Rio de Janeiro Tax Attorney at ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM usually intervenes in the context of mergers, acquisitions, sales of business assets, contributions-sales, etc. We also perform tax audits prior to any restructuring operation.

Patrimonial taxation
As Brazil tax Attorneys, we also practice with a clientele made up of individuals and business leaders. We intervene on the occasion of the transfer of businesses or private assets and advise clients in order to optimize the taxation of these transactions and the impact of taxation. We also carry out income taxs for our clients.
Rio de Janeiro Tax Attorney at ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM  provides tax advisory services in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Brazil, to individuals, companies, autonomous and companies. A Brazil tax advisor appears in the Tax Agency  to carry out the necessary management according to their charge, from:
Register the tax census.
Request the tax identification card.
Register with the electronic company.
Presentation of periodic tax declarations, (monthly, quarterly or annual obligatory).
Formulate communications that are of interest to our customer.
A Rio de Janeiro Tax Attorney at ALVES AJCOB LAW FIRM will permanently assist and accompany you in the possible appearances in the Tax Agency.
Our São Paulo Tax Attorney, and our Brazil Tax attorneys will attend to your problems, and appear in the Tax Agency to present as many claims and administrative resources as necessary, with the documents you request. Since the fulfillment of any requirement for matters related to the Declaration of Income ,  the Tax on Companies  has been possible to formulate allegations related to a parallel liquidation and the provisional or definitive one. Since filing a liquidation would be complementary to filing, by a specialized Brazil tax attorney, a repositioning resource and / or economic-administrative claim.
Our Rio de Janeiro tax attorney  is expert in tax matters, in the Brazilian courts and the necessary litigation-administrative resources once the administrative route has been established.
To achieve the best results for our clients, our São Paulo tax Attorneys, and our Brazil tax Attorney have the best instrument and knowledge to assist thru your Brazilian jorney with the biggest efforts and maximum dedication are required, because we know how complicated it is for you to get  in the full scope of taxation, properly comply with tax regulations.
Our Rio de Janeiro Tax Attorney offers tax advisory services in relation to the different types of activities carried out by our clients, including the design and implementation of tax structures for all types of companies.
Our São Paulo tax Attorney have extensive experience advising multinationals, as well as offering consulting and estate planning services to individuals. Our tax team has in-depth knowledge of multiple industries and sectors, including energy and infrastructure.
In addition to offering tax consulting services, we handle tax disputes and litigation, and we have successfully advised clients in various high-impact procedures for them.
Our Brazil tax Attorneys at ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM is made up of industry-leading lawyers and accountants, which allows our Firm to offer a wide range of services and comprehensive solutions in tax matters.


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