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The nature of business and forms of relationship have been influenced by telecommunications technology, which has changed the basis for competitiveness and the strategies of companies worldwide.
In this scenario, You need a telecommunications attorney in Rio de Janeiro that offers legal advice to companies in the telecommunications sector, representing small, medium and large organizations.
Our telecommunications attorney in são paulo have extensive experience in the technology, internet and media sector, in addition to having the necessary know-how in this area and being attentive to the trends of this industry, offering our clients alternative and innovative solutions, market insights and excellent personalized service.

• Structures, acquisitions, joint ventures and financing of operations in the sector;
• Contracts in the telecommunications industry, including industrial exploitation;
• Contracts for the use of telecommunication networks in the most diverse modalities (optical fibers, ducts, interconnection, unbundling and peering);
• Acquisition of rights to use websites for telecommunications companies;
• Outsourcing of services and service level agreements and in contracts for the provision of satellite capacity;

We also have telecommunications attorney in Brazil who advise telecommunications service providers in their relationship with the National Telecommunications Agency (ANATEL), assisting in obtaining the necessary authorizations for the provision of services and in the monitoring and inspection of their activities by the regulatory body. .
In the regulatory aspect, we assist clients in the development of new products and business plans based on the interpretation and use of the regulatory provisions pertaining to each type of service and in the relationship with other providers.

Our telecommunications attorney in Rio de Janeiro is professional, graduated in Law and authorized by the competent institutions of the country to exercise the jus postulandi, that is, the representation of the legitimate interests of individuals or legal entities in or out of court, either among themselves, or before the State.

Our telecommunications attorney in são Pulo, in addition to providing legal advice that consists of verifying important deals from a legal point of view, to prevent future problems and possible litigation, whether “auditing” or “controlling”, to use Science terminology of the Administration. We have specialists in other areas (branches) of law.

We are reliable and competent telecommunications attorney in Brazil when it comes to closing a contract, or defending a right that is understood to be being harmed.
• Competence: without a doubt, it is the professional's ability to perform.
• Trust: it is the security that the contracted professional brings to the contractor. And this security comes from the professional's previous history.
Therefore, between the lawyer and his client there has to be only one truth. What's more, when hiring a professional you need to trust him, and make sure he has the skills to do so.

Lawyers are the defenders of the legitimate aspirations of the citizen and that is why they take this task very seriously, combining technical knowledge with a very high sense of responsibility.
Lawyers honor the constitutional mandate that places us as assistants in the important task of achieving justice.
Our office has a high sense of responsibility and guides all its activities in compliance with the most rigorous ethical principles.
The firm does not put its clients on legal adventures, which does not translate into a lack of boldness.
It is precisely the good command of legal technique that puts us at a different level and makes it possible to think and structure other bold and dynamic paths and solutions.
Our office of telecommunications attorney in Brazil, go with its clients to the limits that good creative technique, based on professional ethical responsibility, allows. The office's performance is guided by the famous words of T. Roosevelt for whom “justice consists in discovering the right and sustaining it, wherever it is”.

Our Rio de Janeiro telecommunications attorney have actively participated in the development of the telecommunications industry, working on some of the most complex and important operations.

Our São Paulo telecommunications attorney is considered one of the most prestigious and highly recognized in the legal field.

We have played a preponderant role in the development of both sectors, from the first privatization derived from the liberalization of telecommunications, to the most recent audiovisual concentration operations, passing through complex projects representing the convergence between both sectors.

Our Brazil telecommunications attorney have multidisciplinary vocation and specialization allow us to provide comprehensive advice in both areas —telecommunications and audiovisual—, providing great value to our clients. Thus, in addition to experience in corporate operations, regulation and sector contracting.
Our Brazil telecommunications attorney participate in operations and advise on highly complex matters, a job that has led to continued recognition from clients and competitors..

• Corporate operations
• Buying and selling of companies.
• Sales of businesses or branches of activity.
• Corporate operations: mergers, splits, etc.
• Privatizations.
• Regulation
• Legal status of the operators.
• Competition law: operators with significant power in the market.
• Access to infrastructures, networks and interconnection.
• Numbering.
• Public service obligations and rights and obligations of a public nature.
• Radioelectric public domain.
• Procedures before the regulatory authorities.
• Telecommunications rates.
• Bidding and auction processes.
• Sectorial contracting
• Contracting between operators:
• Interconnection and access.
• OMVs.
• Roaming.
• Rental of capacity and circuits.
• Submarine cables.
• Infrastructure sharing and outsourcing.
• Operation and maintenance.
• Outsourcing.
• Contracting with subscribers and users:
• General and particular contracting conditions for all types of services.

• Corporate operations
• Buying and selling of companies.
• Sales of businesses or branches of activity.
• Corporate operations: mergers, splits, etc.
• Privatizations.
• Regulation
• Legal status of audiovisual communication service providers.
• Concentration processes.
• Significant holdings and foreign investments.
• Contents and public rights.
• Channels and commercial programs, advertising, teleshopping, sponsorship, location.
• Bidding processes and auctions and procedures before the regulatory authorities and registries.
• Competition law and audiovisual regulation.
• Public audiovisual communication service (public providers).
• Sectorial contracting
• Legal business on licenses (assignments, leases).
• Radio station association and affiliation agreements.
• Hiring of content, rights and channels.
• Production, co-production and distribution of content.
• Financing of audiovisual projects (gap financing, good end insurance, complex financing structures).
• Content distribution through social media and other electronic channels and multi-service platforms.
• Contracting derived from audiovisual projects (above-the-line / below-the-line).


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