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Visa to united kingdom: main types and how to apply

The visa to the united kingdom opens doors to live, work and study legally in the country. However, many people still have doubts about how and where to apply for their visa.

So, so that you don't get confused when making your request, check out in this article what the main types are, where to order, how much it costs, how long it takes to get ready and necessary documents. Also take the opportunity to understand if it is possible to live in other countries with a visa for UNITED KINGDOM.

Travel insurance in Europe is mandator Whether to live or visit, immigration may require this document in the destination country. If you don't have it, you MAY to return to YOUR HOME COUNTRY.

Do you need a visa for UNITED KINGDOM?

Yes, it is mandatory to issue a visa for UNITED KINGDOM if you intend to stay longer than six months in the country. Currently, the British government provides visas for different purposes:





Open a company.

The request can be made  at least three months in advance of the trip.

Types of visa for UNITED KINGDOM

Check out our list of the main types of visas for UNITED KINGDOM now and see which one is ideal for your purpose:

Student visa

Anyone who intends to do a postgraduate, exchange or other course for more than six months must apply for the General Student Visa, known as Tier 4.

It allows you to stay in UNITED KINGDOM for a long period. As well as the right to get a job, extend the visa period and apply for a Tier 2 work visa.

Foreigners under the age of 17 must apply for a Tier 4 visa. After all, it is ideal for those who are going to study in UNITED KINGDOM, be it high school or postgraduate.

Work visa

Working in UNITED KINGDOM is the desire of many PEOPLE. The government issues short-term and long-term work visas, called Tier 5 and Tier 2. Learn more about them:

Tier 5: temporary jobs

Those who intend to work for a fixed period of time must apply for a Tier 5 visa for UNITED KINGDOM. Most of them have a duration of one year, and can be renewed for another two years. This authorization is intended for occupations such as:

Charity Worker: unpaid voluntary work in philanthropic institutions;

Creative and Sporting: athletes or creative professionals;

Government Authorized Exchange: participants in training, government language program, research or scholarship;

International Agreement: work covered by international law, eg working for a foreign government;

Religious Worker: religious work, such as preaching or working in a religious institution;

Seasonal Worker: agricultural work;

Youth Mobility Scheme: aimed at foreigners aged between 18 and 30 who want to work in UNITED KINGDOM.

Tier 5 also grants rights such as studying, working and taking family members to UNITED KINGDOM. However, visa duration and benefits vary depending on your occupation.

Tier 2: long-term work

Tier 2 is the visa for UNITED KINGDOM suitable for qualified professionals. It has a long duration between three to nine years, in many cases it can be renewed. This authorization is divided into five different types:

General Work Visa: encompasses work in multiple roles;

Intra-company Transfer: work in a branch of a foreign company in UNITED KINGDOM;

Minister of Religion: working in a religious community, for example as a missionary in UNITED KINGDOM;

Sportsperson Visa: Elite athletes or highly qualified coaches.

The General Work Visa is one of the most requested as it covers several types of occupations. However, having access to this specific visa is not an easy task. After all, in addition to being hired by an English company, you need to prove your level of English, travel history and receive a minimum wage or £30,000 a year.


Spouse visa for UNITED KINGDOM is another way to live in the UK le ally. The British government offers different authorizations for each applicant profile. In addition, they also depend on where your partner lives and whether you want to live in the country after the ceremony. See below for more details on the types of visa for spouses.

Wedding visitor visa: for those who do not intend to live in UNITED KINGDOM after the ceremony and plan to stay in the country for less than 6 months;

Family Visa: intended for applicants intending to live permanently in UNITED KINGDOM if the spouse is a British citizen, established in the country, has refugee status or humanitarian protection in the United Kingdom;

Family Authorization: Visa for anyone wishing to join a family member from the European Union, EEA or Switzerland in the UK.

Applicants who do not have a marriage or family visitor visa can also notify their intention to marry or form a civil partnership. However, in these cases, the British government is informed and can proceed in two ways:

Ask a few questions about your relationship, but if this happens, applicants will likely need to wait up to 70 days before getting married or forming the civil partnership;

Failing to approve notification, in this case applicants cannot marry or form civil partnership in the UK.

However, if this is your first visa, you will need to schedule a personal interview in UNITED KINGDOM. The visa decision is usually made three weeks after the interview.

visa application for UNITED KINGDOM

How much does the visa cost?

Consular visa fees for UNITED KINGDOM vary according to each type of authorization. In addition, payment must be made after completing the online filling. Therefore, see below a list of consular fees charged for each visa.

Type of Visa Value

General Student Visa – Tier 4 £348

Work Visa – Tier 2 £610

Work Visa – Tier 5 £244

Family Visa £1,523

Married Visa £95

Start-up Visa £363

Innovator Visa £1,021

Investor Visa – Tier 1 £1,623

Extra costs

In addition to the visa fee for UNITED KINGDOM, those who want to live in the country will need to pay other expenses. Some of them are the English test and the health surcharge.

The latter, for example, ensures that you use UNITED KINGDOM's public health system, the famous NHS. On average it costs around £200 each year you plan to stay in the country.

Documents required to apply for a visa

Documents for obtaining a visa for UNITED KINGDOM vary from case to case. However, there are some that are required in all types of authorization, they are:

Valid passport;

Financial proof that demonstrates your ability to remain in UNITED KINGDOM;

Passing the English knowledge test;

Tuberculosis test, see the full list of countries that need to be tested

Payment of application fee;

Employment contract of an English company, for work visas;

Enrollment or certificate of approval from educational institutions in UNITED KINGDOM.

It is important to remember that documents in OTHER LANGUAGE THAN ENGLISH must be properly translated with the sworn translation.

How long does it take to leave on average?

The visa for UNITED KINGDOM takes an average of three weeks to be issued, right after the interview. However, there is an option to reduce this period to five days.

In that case, you need to request priority service and pay a fee for it. However, it is only available for certain countries. Therefore, check if YOUR COUNTRY is enabled for this type of service.

Can I go to UNITED KINGDOM without a job and get a job there?

If you come to UNITED KINGDOM as a tourist, you have 180 days to travel around the UK, but you cannot legally engage in any type of paid work.

You can apply for jobs and do interviews, but you cannot be hired without a visa. Thus, to apply for a work visa, you must do so in your country of residence, which in this case would not be UNITED KINGDOM, after all, here you would only be a tourist.

What are the risks of working illegally and without visas in UNITED KINGDOM?

If your employer hires you illegally, as well as risking being imprisoned for 5 years, he could also pay a fine of £20,000 for every illegal employer working for him.

For a contractor who is caught working illegally in UNITED KINGDOM, he may be deported. In this case, he can choose to return to HIS HOME COUNTRY paying for his own ticket.


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