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International Divorce

This may be your first divorce, but it's not ours. ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM provides legal assistance to dissolution of marriages whether through annulment or divorce. We can help to get divorce process less stressful and garantee that your legal rights will be protected. Our Law Firm will initiate the process in Brazilian Justice to terminate your marriage, we also assist in recognization in Supreme Brazilian court to validate you divorce here in Brazil. Family cases are extremely sensitive, we strive to make the transition smooth for you and your family. Paying attention to how extremely difficult it is to go through a divorce , we assist where both parties mutually agree to dissolve their marriage or where the divorce is contentious.

Our Family, Divorce & Civil Lawyer use to dealing with easy or difficult divorce cases and unique family matters. We are here to resolve the dispute you may have with your spouse or husband. We will work with you to achieve a negotiated settlement wherever possible. We also have qualified collaborative law practitioners who can assist in this very specific process of dispute resolution. If a negotiated settlement is not possible, we litigate. Marriages come and go, but Divorce is forever!

Same Sex Civil Union

A same sex couple in a civil union inherits the same rights as to a married couple offered under Brazilian Law. This includes rights related to inheritances and estates, property rights, health care insurance coverage and much more.

Our attorneys educate and assists about all such rights and answer all questions about how entering into a civil union can benefit you and your spouse-to-be.

Same Sex Marriage

Brazilian Law now has authorized same sex marriages legal and accepted. Same sex married couples receive equal rights as those of opposite sex married couples. Our attorneys will assist and educate you further with detailed information about your rights as a same sex couple under the law. We answer all your questions about entering into a same sex marriage to benefit you and your spouse to be.

Schedule Your Appointment Today with Rio de Janeiro Division of Martial Assets Lawyers

Speaking to our division of marital assets attorneys helps you protect your rights and interests. You can telephone or email us and our expert attorneys will be at your service.

Marriage thru Power of Attorney

We can assist you in establishing your marriage through Power of Attorney wherever you are in the world, just send us a legalized copy of your passport from the Brazilian consulate where you are. Email us at

International Adoptions in Brazil

The adoptions in Brazil are done through private attorneys. Most children are relinquished by their parents, rather than abandoned. The Brazilian international adoption process follows the Hague Convention with Central Authorities on a “state by state” basis.

We have excellent relationships with orphanages which ease and smooth the whole adoptions experience. From the time a complete dossier is submitted, a referral will take:

  • Approximately a year for a child 5-6 years of age, after the dossier is approved.
  • Adoption of older children and sibling groups will be much faster.
  • Documentation approvals are 60 to 90 days.
  • Home Study and secure CIS approval takes 2 to 3 months.

Families may/can indicate gender preferences. The adoption is completed only within Brazil during the adoptive parent(s) stay. Brazil is keenly interested in placing sibling groups. Foreign fees may be considerably reduced when a family commits to a group of children relying on circumstances.

Requirements for Adoption

Married Couple and Singles

Adoptive parents must be at least 25 years old and at least 16 years older than the child. Married couples and singles are eligible for adopting in Brazil. A psychological report is required for adopting in Brazil.

You can call or email us round the clock if you have any questions about your eligibility to adopt in Brazil. Sometimes, the requirements change unbeknownst to adoptive parents. We would like you to have the most current information.


Boys and girls must be five years or older at the time of referral of adoption. In Brazil, sibling referrals are faster than individual referrals. For example, you may adopt a two year old with a five year old. Younger children can be adopted only when an older sibling is also adopted. You may also choose to adopt one unrelated child at a time. A relatively lesser fee is taken if you are adopting a child with special needs.

The children for adoption are typically relinquished by the parent, rather than abandoned. Most children from Brazil will have darker or African American complexions. Families cannot specify race.


  • 35 to 42 days
  • Only one trip is required
  • If married couples, both parents must travel

Brazil is a gorgeous South American country, which embodies cultures and traditions with its rich and vast landscapes. With over 180 million calling it home, Brazil represents diverse racial backgrounds including Portuguese, African American, European and indigenous American. Brazil is also known for being one of the best tourist destinations around the world.

We invite you to consider adopting from beautiful Brazil. Send an email regarding any question:

Rio de Janeiro Restraining Order Lawyer

A restraining order, or order of protection, is passed in order to combat the cases of physical abuse and threat of abuse. The order can provide much needed peace of mind for those victims of domestic violence (or anyone who is targeted by violence). Orders of protection can be ordered by either family or criminal courts, depending on the circumstances.

Rio de Janeiro Order of Protection & Family Law Attorneys

Family court is a civil court. When filing for an order of protection with these courts, the person applying for the order of protection is known as the petitioner. The person against whom the order of protection is sought is known as the respondent. Applications for an order of protection can be done if you are legally married to, divorced from, or separated from the abuser, if you are related to the abuser by blood or marriage, if you have a child in common with the abuser, or if you are/were in an intimate relationship with him/her (including same-sex partners). Even if the abuser has committed a crime against you and you have an order of protection from criminal court, you can still go to family court with your Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo divorce Lawyer & attorney to apply for an order of protection since both courts have coordinated jurisdiction.

International Child Abduction

Child Abduction Attorney in Rio de Janeiro and Nationwide

Alessandro Jacob is a renowned child abduction attorney who has advanced understanding and familiarity with child abduction cases. He can offer his excellent assistance, especially in cases of parental kidnapping. He possesses extensive knowledge to manage a swift return of a child to his or her home country.

The Hague Convention provides for the international protection of children with the expectation that a child's best interest should stand as principal concern when dealing with matters of custody.

We tend to act as an international child abduction attorney when a child is returned to his home country. We assist in fighting for the custody rights as required by the law. Alves Jacob Law Firm has cultivated relationships with several non-Brazilian family law firms and these associations bring about great help in issues of international parental abduction. Challenges for visitation, paternity and joint custody are more easily approached by a child abduction lawyer who has formed and maintained connections with foreign legal entities.


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