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ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM has achieved an excellent reputation for effective legal representation in extremely simple to overly difficult immigration cases. The reasons for this is his close association with the immigration cases when he started practicing law. Prior to starting his own law practice, he worked at an immigration law firm where he worked closely with clients facing all kind immigrant issues.

Under the proficient guidance of Mr. Alessandro Jacob, our firm provides employers and employees with the latest and most appropriate immigration strategies. We represent businesses, as well as individuals and families undergoing the Brazilian immigration process. We take pride in the quality of our work and our attention to details.

Mr. Alessandro Jacob personally observes your case from the moment you become our firm’s client. He regularly keeps you updated on the progress of your case. You can schedule your appointment with Mr. Alessandro Jacob at your convenience to discuss your case.

Brazilian Immigration Lawyer

Performance near the Federal Police, Foreign Ministry, Justice and the Federal Ministry of Labour in Brasilia on request permanent visas and naturalization.

Since 1992 ALVES JACOB LAW FIRM is on the market because we are experts in all Brazilian Normative resolutions.

We can apply for a permanent visa as needed, based on the following Normative resolutions among others:

Normative Resolution No. 118/2015

  • Permanent visa to foreign investors - individual.
  • First step is applying a CPF(Brazilian social security number)
  • Second step is find a Brazilian or foreigner with permanent visa to represent you and setting up your legal entity in Brazil, you replace your legal representative as soon as you receive your permanent visa and issue Brazilian Identification
  • Third step, is setting up a company bank account in any Brazilian banks
  • Forth step is investing R$ 500.000 brazilian reais from your own account outside Brazil to your Brazilian company account
  • Fifth step- register this R$ 500.000 investment in Brazilian Central bank.

Normative Resolution No. 62/2004

Permanent Visa to foreign Administrator, Manager, Director, Executive, empowered management, Civil or Commercial, economic group or conglomerate. To bring a permanent visa director is necessary an investment of U$ 50.000 plus commitment to employ ten locals in the next 02 years

Normative Resolution No. 82/2008

Permanent Visa to a scientist, teacher, researcher or professional foreigner who intends to come to the country to attend conferences, seminars, conferences or meetings in research and development or scientific-technological cooperation and students from any undergraduate or graduate level graduation.

Normative Resolution No. 80/2008

temporary visas to foreigners with employment in Brazil.

The company can brings 02 temporary visas workers without any investment or 03 temporary workers If hirer 06 Brazilian workers. All employment articles must to be inform the date after his entrance in Brazil for the next 24 months. When the worker comes with permanent visa is necessary a employment contract for time of period INDETERMINATED. When the worker comes with TEMPORARY visa is necessary a employment contract for time of period for 02 years

Normative Resolution No. 79/2008

Temporary visas to foreign-bound Economic Group whose parent company is located in Brazil, aimed at training and assimilation into the corporate culture and company management methodology caller.

Normative Resolution No. 77/2008

Temporary or permanent visa, or residence permit, the companion, in a stable relationship, regardless of gender.

Normative Resolution No 76/2007

Work permits to foreigners in professional athlete condition, defined by law.

Normative Resolution No. 69/2006

Work permits to foreigners as an artist or athlete, without employment.


After 01(one) year with Permanent Visa issued based in a Marriage or Civil Union with a Brazilian or based in a Brazilian child, notice is mandatory remain in Brazil 12 months prior Naturalization application.

After 03(three) years based in a bought of a minimum U$ 200.000 American dollars property; notice is mandatory remain in Brazil 30 months in last 36 months prior Naturalization application.

After 04(four) years based in a Permanent Visa based in R$ 500.000 investment, notice is mandatory remain in Brazil 30 months in last 48 months prior Naturalization application.


Brazilian Bar Association/RJ-128.041
International Bar Association-1008212
American Bar Association-01537008
Union Internacional des Avocats-MI021876

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